Central Wisconsin: a remarkably diverse business environment with deep resources

The Centergy Region of Central Wisconsin offers a broad array of resources. Combined with thoughtful planning and business support, that has allowed our region to achieve a remarkable degree of diversity in the industries that populate our business community. Not only has that diversity produced an unusually healthy economy -- it has created built-in resilience that has helped us weather tough economic times and prosper when the state and nation’s economy is doing well.

The resources you’ll find in our five counties are especially well-suited for companies in several industry groups, including the five we’ve included on the buttons on this page. Follow the links on this page for more information.

Wondering about the direct connections to potential suppliers in your company’s industry? We encourage you to visit our Supply Chain Marketplace, which has been created to provide quick and easy connections between companies and suppliers in the Centergy Region.

All the resources your business needs are located here