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Welcome to the Centergy Region of Central Wisconsin

If you’re looking for a place that has all the resources your business needs, along with a quality of life that’s hard to match, welcome to the five-county Centergy Region of Central Wisconsin.

Five County Business-Friendly Region

Here, in Adams, Lincoln, Marathon, Portage, and Wood counties, you’ll find business-friendly communities with extensive transportation connections, abundant utility capacity, solid education systems, and people who possess of a remarkable work ethic that’s rooted in the region’s agricultural history and actively involved in creating brighter tomorrows.

A Prime Destination For People Who Love Outdoor Activities

And when you look around, you’ll find so much more. Our rolling landscape is dotted with beautiful lakes, rivers that teem with fish, lush forests, and picturesque bluffs that make Central Wisconsin a prime destination for people who love outdoor activities. Central Wisconsin is the place the Midwest comes to hike, bike, camp, fish, hunt, cycle, kayak, canoe, and water-ski … and you can have access to all that right in your own backyard!

315,000 Workers Within A 75-mile Radius

Thank You to Our Sustaining Investors