Central Wisconsin is a beautiful, vibrant place to call home

We view the Centergy Region of Central Wisconsin as our state’s finest area, and that’s more than an empty boast. No other part of the state offers such a wonderful combination of natural beauty, resources, transportation access, economic strength, and people with friendly, neighborly attitudes.

If you’ve never been through our area, you’ll marvel at the beauty and variety of the land. When the glaciers receded from ancient Wisconsin, they left behind scenery that ranges from massive stone bluffs, to dense woodland, to rolling prairies, and shimmering water. In addition to surrounding a long stretch of the Wisconsin River, our counties hold hundreds of crystal-clear lakes full of hungry fish.

Our region is known far and wide for its abundance of outdoor recreation. In winter, you’ll hear the gentle swishing of cross-country skiers traversing trails and the occasional roar of snowmobilers seeking faster thrills. For example, Granite Peak Ski Resort, the Midwest’s premier ski destination, draws thousands to the area. Spring and fall bring hunting and fishing, and warmer weather sees colorful canoes and kayaks meandering along our many streams and rivers. Summer weather finds golfers on broad fairways, hikers on wooded trails, and cyclists coasting along well-loved roads.

Our cities and towns are gathering places. They have their busy moments, but you’ll never see the frantic rush that’s normal in many bigger cities. Folks here appreciate each day and take the time to enjoy the company of their neighbors. Brewpubs and coffeehouses are comfortable spots where people savor their favorites in friendly settings. We grow food here, so the freshness of farm markets and farm-to-table restaurants is a way of life.

In the Centergy Region, you can pursue your dreams and raise your family in a supportive environment without the bravado you’ll find in coastal hotspots. Sure, we’re future-focused, but more important, we’re down-to-earth and friendly. Instead of losing hours each day in tense traffic, you’ll lose yourself in the mournful call of a loon, the rustle of the breeze through a stand of white birches, or the burble of a small stream as it courses through glacial remnants. We can’t promise that you’ll live longer, but we know you’ll get more life out of every moment.

Hundreds of crystal-clear lakes in our five-county region.