Central Wisconsin provides strong support for entrepreneurs and retailers

The Centergy region has long been a destination for Central Wisconsin, which is reflected in our recent business and residential growth. In turn, that growth has been an economic engine for both high-quality retailers and entrepreneurs who are eager to serve a healthy, growing local economy that’s also a popular tourist destination. Our five-county region is seeing remarkable growth in services such as IT support and web-based startups, along with retailers from brewpubs to coffee shops to eclectic dining opportunities.

One of the primary advantages of starting or bringing a retail or service business to our region is the low cost of doing business here. 

With the extraordinary growth we’re seeing in the business sector, there’s particularly strong opportunities for businesses that provide IT support and related technology services. If you have a business concept and have been seeking the ideal market in which to introduce it, the Centergy team is ready to help you explore the possibilities. We can also help your startup take advantage of our Supply Chain Marketplace, which provides links with other companies throughout the Centergy Region.

Remarkable regional growth offers opportunity for everyone