Central Wisconsin is a longtime home for financial leaders and technology talent

For more than a century, the Centergy Region has been the business and financial hub of much of Central Wisconsin. Our five-county region’s cities have served as the financial and insurance nerve center that supported the many industries that thrive here, which is why we’re home to industry leaders such as Ascension Healthcare, Aspirus Hospital, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Sentry Insurance, Ascension Health, Skyward, Greenheck, Marshfield Clinic, Insurance, and Church Mutual Insurance.

The strong corporate presence has also made our area a center of innovation in the fields that support the business and financial community. For example, we have a wealth of highly educated technology workers who have helped those companies maintain their leadership in the digital age. The opportunity to apply their skills in an area with an extraordinary outdoor lifestyle has drawn many highly skilled and innovative individuals, creating a surprisingly large cluster of technology leaders.

The strong demand for those innovative individuals has also motivated area education providers to offer programs that keep supplying the needs of business, finance, and technology employers, with classes at the K-12 and postsecondary levels, along with degree programs in fields such as business management, information technology, and graphic design.

Whether you’re a business that provides services to the financial services and business sector or a skilled individual who is seeking an environment where you can perform challenging work while enjoying year-round outdoor activities, the Centergy Region offers an extraordinary place to call home.

We're home to several industry leaders