Take a closer look at Central Wisconsin’s economic strength

The Centergy Region of Central Wisconsin has a local economy that’s diverse and vibrant. Across all five of the counties in our region, you’ll see evidence of the health of our local economy. Thanks to outstanding resources and careful planning, we’ve also been able to achieve a remarkable degree of diversity in the industries that make up our business community, which has helped us prosper during good economic times and limited the downside of weaker cycles.

A key element in our economic health is a massive labor shed. Within 90 minutes of our region, we have more than 601,000 residents and a skilled labor force of more than 315,000 people. Our current employers will tell you that you’ll have a hard time finding a more productive workforce, or one that brings the additional advantage of intelligence and training, so people work smarter.

What economic factors matter most to your plans? Our Economic Dashboard offers a convenient way to look at our economy, compare us to other regions you may have considered, and drill down to the specific data you need to make a confident decision. If you don’t see the data you need, let us know, and we’ll go to work to locate it for you.

Workers within 90-minute radius: 315,000