Lincoln County: abundant recreation and a timeless work ethic

Lincoln County, Wisconsin is at the northernmost edge of the Centergy Region, serving as a gateway to the state’s Northwoods area, long a magnet for fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, hiking, and other outdoor recreation. But the county is much more than a beautiful, heavily wooded area -- it’s a powerful engine for commerce.

Lincoln County is home to a variety of companies in agriculture, food, insurance, and manufacturing. Companies such as Church Mutual Insurance thrive here. The county is home to 28,000 people, with an immediate labor force of more than 15,000, and its pioneer spirit lives on through the solid work ethic that’s a way of life here.

Residents enjoy rural and small-community living, surrounded by nature and the activities they enjoy. It’s the perfect balance of commerce and recreation -- a wonderful antidote to the crowded, stressful environments of so many of America’s business centers. The cost of living here is delightfully affordable, and local education systems do an excellent job of preparing young people for the needs of local employers.

Best of all, living in and working in Lincoln County lets you get away from it all without becoming disconnected from the rest of the world. Excellent highway and rail connections make it easy to get the raw materials your business needs and ship finished products out on a timely basis. The county also has two airports that can accommodate business jets, both with instrument approaches -- Merrill Municipal (KRRL) has a 5,100-foot runway and Tomahawk Regional (KTKV) has a 4,400-foot runway. If those kinds of connections are important your business and being surrounded by natural beauty is a goal for your personal life, Lincoln County is ready for you!

Population: 27,902 | Labor Force: 15,277